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Here on the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) Southwest Region Household Pet site, you will find information about the many aspects of exhibiting the Household Pet in the Southwest Region of CFA. The information provided on this web site includes information on how to get started, a list of the current standings, and lists of past regional winners.


Cabo Wabo Oct 25, 2001-Oct. 30, 2006

The CFA Southwest Region encompasses southern California (Bakersfield and points south), Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. The CFA Southwest Region (Region 5) presents awards to the top 10 household pet cats each show year. The show year runs from May 1 through April 30.  The region awarded Top 15 for the first time following the 2013-2014 show season.  The point system used is identical to the system used to score the pedigreed cats for regional points. More information on how the region scores household pets may be found here.


The CFA Southwest Region was one of the first CFA regions to score household pets for regional awards. The Northwest Region (Region 2) and Japan (Region 8) have also been scoring household pets and presenting regional awards for many years. In just the last few years, four more regions have begun scoring household pets bringing to seven the total number of regions that presented awards to household pets. Jumping onto the bandwagon for the 2013-2014 show season, Region 4 is the most recent region to begin presenting regional awards. This means that household pets awards will be presented in regions 1-8 for the first time ever with the 203-2014 show season.  It is not yet know if Region 9 (Europe) is also presenting household pet awards.





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