CFA SW Region Household Pets
1995-1996 Regional Winners

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  Cat Owner
Best HHP Mrs. "Groucho" Marks Georgia Konstantakos
    Calico Spay  
2nd Best HHP Thai Julie Benzer
    Seal Lynx Point Neuter  
3rd Best HHP Booger Dave & Joanne DeOre
    Brown Ticked Tabby & White Neuter  
4th Best HHP Whiskers George & Kim Eigenhauser
    Black & White Neuter  
5th Best HHP Sweet Pea Hazel & Ovid Blanford
    Calico Spay  
6th Best HHP Oreo George & Kim Eigenhauser
    Black & White Neuter  
7th Best HHP Sherlock Virginia Pilon
    Brown Classic Tabby & White Neuter  
8th Best HHP Murphy Alisa Clark
    White Neuter  
9th Best HHP Del Amo Mark & Sally Delman
    Tortie & White Spay  
10th Best HHP Whittaker Virginia Pilon
    Brown Mackerel Tabby & White Neuter  



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